About Brooke

lovelyladysmallLady Rejuvenator ~ SeniorPreneur

Your Transformation and Rejuvenation Guide

Beverly ‘Brooke’ Peterson is a ‘SeniorPreneur’ in her 7th decade.  She is an Agent of Change. Brooke is known as ‘Lady Rejuvenator! Inspiring Transformation and Rejuvenation is her gift.  She guides you through the murky waters of your dramatic ‘Holy Shift’.

Life as we know it is evolving & changing!  It’s moving at the speed of LIGHT!

Re-invention is an on-going activity, not only in herself but in the people she coaches in her VIP program.  We are the ones who have volunteered to be nurse-maids for times such as these! Massive changes, in all areas of our lives are shaping our worlds at speed of LIGHT.

The ‘new 70 is the old 50!

It is what I call the ‘Holy Shift’!

After spending over two decades in the Corporate world as a business owner of a technical ‘match maker’(recruiting) agency in the Silicon Valley, helping thousands of candidates and hundreds of Fortune 500 companies find their perfect ‘match’,  Brooke noticed that disease was attacking so many hiring managers and employees, including herself.  The established medical and drug scenarios created side-effects which were sometimes worse than the disorders. Transformation and Rejuvenation were being called for!

Brooke had been catalyzed or ‘called’ to her new life, and moved into the study of alternative, holistic health methods and spiritual healing.

A Divine Urge was emerging, and her ‘Vocation of Destiny’, or her 5th Dimensional work as an Alternative Health Educator and LightWorker was being birthed!

It was June of 1999 when she went to Florida to the Hippocrates LifeStyle center in West Palm Beach for a three week cleansing program.  Brooke loved teaching classes for hundreds of students in raw food preparation. She and her husband, Bob were moved to Florida after she received her certification as a Holistic Health Educator.  She is the ‘Earth Angel’ in the Direct Sales world, finding products that supported her passion. Little did she know that it would be a ‘permanent’ move!

With the dotcom crash in 1999, along with the economic crisis, plus her husband had been diagnosed with Kidney cancer, her alternative health search intensified! Brooke found a product which supported his healing in an International multi-million dollar company. She became a successful distributor and trainer. Bob is still alive after almost 10 years of being cancer-free (using holistic, alternative solutions).

We have been told that we are given ‘tests’ only after we have the skills to handle them…..hummmm?

Many rapid changes were occurring, and the loss of family and friends punctuated her resolve.

Two of her adult step children were victims of the #4 cause of death: prescription drugs!  Jeff died at age 45 in November, and Robin in December at age 48. She left 5 sons, and 5 grandchildren!

Speaking about these issues, and the virtues of these Alternative Health products has become a passion! Speaking about Transformation and Rejuvenation itself brings evolutionary ideas and products to our awareness.

    These ideas and products are some of her keys to your transformation and rejuvenation.

Natural pain-relief, anti-aging, and general overall health, along with passive income have been some of the results of using this Gold Standard ionizer. (www.Affinity4Alkalinity.com).

A new medical device has come on the scene! Avacen is a Medical Device company which has embraced a ‘drug free’ solution with their new invention. It is a portable heat therapy system, which when placing the hand on the heated pad in a vacuum chamber, warms the blood and increases the vascular circulation by manipulating the core body temperature, and delivering micro-circulation to the affected areas. It is a patented Class II Medical device, cleared by the FDA for the relief of headaches (migraines), joint and muscle pain (arthritis), and now in the EU, it has been cleared for Fibromyalgia!

Current research continues to develop state-of-the art supplementation and drug-free solutions which also find interest and income-producing activity in her world, as she inspires Transformation and Rejuvenation.