PLAN B….SeniorPreneur

Did you ever think you would be looking at a ‘PLAN B’? Have you been impacted by the SHIFTS of the AGES of the past few years? Many of us thought we would be playing the ‘PLAN A’ game of retirement, and a life of basking in our glories during our Golden Years.

Times have changed! In my 7th decade,  I have UPPED my Ante’ to become a SeniorPreneur. Yes, folks that is an ENTREPRENEUR who is a Senior, and who has lost her home at age 71. And, my husband who has survived kidney cancer, (with the use of one of my TOOLS FOR TRANSFORMATION….Kangen Water), is living a life FREE OF CANCER, and creating abundance along with me. Bob is 81 now…and NOT IN REMISSION…but, CANCER FREE!

We were both business executives from Silicon Valley with a DREAM of enhancing the lives of others. To that end, we migrated to Florida from California just before the Dot Com crash in 2000. I studied at Hippocrates Health Institute and became a certified Health Educator..Studying and becoming well-versed in the ALTERNATIVES TO HEALTH MANAGEMENT.

Did you expect that your Social Security would be ENOUGH to have you living the life you DREAMED, along with your retirement bonuses? Did you know that many of us have succumbed to the Allopathic versions of Health Management, and that disease is rampant? The CURES of our forefathers of NATURAL PRODUCTS and HOME GROWN PESTICIDE FREE FOODS, are no longer our reality. Who is going to BE THE CHANGE? I AM! Won’t you join me?

Many of our investments had gone ‘south’, and the equity we had in our home was a major part of our DREAM investment. After losing the valuation of our home, and the additional income from our 401K which needed to be used as money for our existence, we had to REGROUP.

We are happy to say that we have found ourselves still creating income in our Golden Years. (This new income is being generated through the blessings of ALTERNATIVE health management PRODUCTS being marketed through MLM distribution).

In this Golden Age of REGROUPING, I have found great joyful ABUNDANCE by combining my life-skills of the last seven decades, and focusing them into becoming Lady Rejuvenator.

My website details some of the things that put a smile on my face, and increrases my bank account too. I Inspire TRANSFORMATION. And as Lady Rejuvenator (Rejuvenate means to come back to life), I am creating MAGNIFICENT abundance, doing that which is MINE to do, with those I am to DO IT WITH!

The path of prosperity that I have chosen deals with advanced technology blended with ancient science, and I market TOOLS FOR TRANSFORMATION!

Yes, I am in DIRECT SALES….some call it the dreaded MLM world! My world loves to call it the REASON to be able to REACH OUT to the many who have also suffered losses in their Golden Years…or even the ‘Baby Boomers’ who have experienced major LIFE SHIFTS.


If you also want to become a victor instead of a victim and INSPIRE OTHERS, join in the movement to become a SeniorPreneur!